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UGA scientists find eco-friendly way to dye blue jeans

Researchers from the University of Georgia developed a new indigo dyeing technology that’s kinder on the planet. The new technique reduces water usage and eliminates the toxic chemicals that make the dyeing process so environmentally damaging. And to top it off, the technology streamlines the... Read more →

PHA-based microbeads biologically degrade in wastewater treatment facilities

Technology developed by the UGA New Materials Institute Manufacturers of single-use personal care items—like body washes, toothpastes, cosmetics and wipes—that have historically contained environmentally-persistent abrasives can utilize a new drop-in technology with confidence that the new materials will biologically degrade in wastewater conditions, resulting in... Read more →

New composite material has potential for medical use

University of Georgia researchers have developed a new material with properties ideal for medical products such as masks and bandages. It’s also better for the environment than the materials in current use. Using nonwoven fabrics—fabrics produced by bonding fiber without weaving or knitting—the team led by... Read more →

Students and Industry Partnering for the Planet: When Waste Leads to Good Business (from VentureWell’s blog)

Examples of innovative collaborations took center stage at a recent VentureWell virtualOPEN conference session on supporting sustainable design and addressing environmental issues. Attendees heard from Crystal Leach, director of Industry Collaboration at the University of Georgia’s New Materials Institute (NMI); Faculty Grants recipient, Chad Kennedy, a lecturer in the... Read more →

New Materials Institute pioneering replacements for plastic

For Evan White, growing up outside Atlanta meant witnessing significant changes in his landscape. His hometown of Lilburn, Georgia, tripled its population between 1980 and 2000, and White watched as nearby woods became neighborhoods and parking lots. He saw trash, much of it plastic, accumulate in... Read more →

UGA-led projects for NSF-funded CB2 ‘on track’ for 2020

Two research projects that are being led by University of Georgia New Materials Institute received positive feedback at the spring meeting of the Industry Advisory Board for the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2), a National Science Foundation Industry—University Cooperative Research Center. The projects, “Unlocking the... Read more →

Designing products for a better outcome following a useful life

Representatives from Shaw recently interviewed Jason Locklin, director of the UGA New Materials Institute, about the Institute’s research partnerships with industry and why the Institute focuses on single-use packaging as a means to reduce the mismanaged plastic waste that is accumulating in our environment. The... Read more →

Jambeck named Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering

Jenna Jambeck, who directs the Center for Circular Materials Management within the UGA New Materials Institute, has been named the Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering. Jambeck is internationally recognized for her work to raise awareness about plastic pollution and to reduce mismanaged... Read more →

UGA New Materials Institute to lead 2 projects for NSF-funded CB2

The UGA New Materials Institute will lead two projects selected for funding and research in 2020, as part of the Institute’s participation in the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2), a National Science Foundation Industry—University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC). The projects are among nine selected... Read more →

UGA New Materials Institute is a finalist for economic development awards

The New Materials Institute, a component of the UGA Office of Research with roots in the College of Engineering, along with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, both units of UGA Public Service and Outreach, are among 24 finalists for the University Economic Development Association 2019 Awards... Read more →

New Materials Institute hosts I/UCRC CB2 meeting

The UGA New Materials Institute recently hosted the biannual Industry Advisory Board meeting for the National Science Foundation Industry & University Cooperative Research Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites, known as CB2. UGA joined the I/UCRC in 2018 and is one of four universities that serve... Read more →