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Fiber Society Meeting and Conference

 The Fiber Society 2017 Fall Meeting and Technical Conference & International Symposium on Materials from Renewables (ISMR)  Advanced, Smart, and Sustainable  Polymers, Fibers, and Textiles  November 8‒10, 2017 | University of Georgia | Athens, Georgia, USA FULL CONFERENCE PROGRAM FULL CONFERENCE PROGRAM ### Read more →

More than 9 billion tons of plastic… and growing!

UGA Researcher Jenna Jambeck says that we need to know how much worldwide plastic waste there is before we can create a plan to tackle the problem. This is exactly what Jamback and her colleagues have done in there recent article in journal Science Advances.... Read more →

Skidaway researchers track plastic fibers in coastal food chain

At UGA’s Skidaway Institute researchers are looking for plastics in the coastal environment and they are finding them almost everywhere, but not in the form they expected. Instead of finding tiny chunks of plastic they’re finding microscopic threads, or microfibers. Read More form the Savannah Morning... Read more →

Seminar: Designed interfaces in polymer nanocomposites: the structure, dynamics, and their relationship to macroscopic properties – ROOM CHANGE!

College of Engineering Seminar Dr. Shiwang Cheng, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Date: January 19, 2017 Time: 11:15-12:15 Location: Coverdell Auditorium, Room 175 “Designed interfaces in polymer nanocomposites: the structure, dynamics, and their relationship to macroscopic properties” Abstract: Due to their light weight, low cost,... Read more →

NMI Information Summit

The New Materials Information Summit will take place on February 14 beginning at 9:00 am at the UGA Special Collections Library. This event is open to UGA Faculty and Staff who are interested in new and advanced materials research. Please attend and discover UGA’s commitment... Read more →

AFFOA Day: Fabric Revolution

About 90 leaders from the fabric and textile industry, along with researchers and military officials, discussed the future of fabrics and textiles in the digital era during AFFOA Industry Day at the University of Georgia Oct. 20. Read more →

Researchers present new technique of nanofiber production

UGA researchers in the Nanostructured Materials Laboratory have proposed a faster, more efficient and scalable method of production of nanofibers that may have implications on tissue engineering, nonwoven textiles for personal care and biosensors. When coupled with stem cells, nanofibers, tiny threads of polymers, have the ability to help form bones, tissues and nerve cells. Read more →