Technology Development & Implementation

At the New Materials Institute, one of the most important things we do is partner with industry and businesses to make healthier and safer materials for consumers to use every day.

Our partners are a cornerstone to our mission, because their deployment of our redesigned bio-polymers, -fibers and –coatings is necessary in order to reduce the amount of waste currently generated globally. It’s the ability to scale up our technologies that translates directly to our ability to make global impact on reducing the waste in our landfills and plastics in our oceans, as well as the toxic waste accumulating in our environment.

We take all of our partners and their needs seriously, and we recognize that confidentiality is critical to each project’s success.

Every project we initiate is targeted to solving a problem that reduces, reuses or results in less waste accumulating on our planet. Our technologies originate both from industry/businesses asking our multi-disciplined technology development team for assistance, as well as from projects we initiate from our own understanding of the waste we generate. Once we’ve developed and tested a new technology, we enter the implementation phase of product deployment by working closely with the UGA Innovation Gateway’s experts to assist in licensing and transferring the new technology for use in the marketplace.

Partner with us and together we will take your product, idea or system to our bench and thoughtfully design it for tomorrow.

For more information, contact Dr. Branson Ritchie at 706-542-6316 or email